Terms and Conditions

Sales Policies

All of our digital products, eBooks, PDF downloads, resource materials, videos, and other online content will be subjected to the below terms and conditions. It is strongly advised that all customers review the following terms very carefully before placing any order.

• Each digital product sold through our company will be subject to copyright protection and be licensed to a single customer only. In other words, consumers may not legally copy, share, or transfer any products purchased to third parties. Our company reserves the right to encrypt, force password, and stamp licensing details to ensure compliance.
• Every customer transaction of intangible products and online content will be made securely through PayPal or other similar payment gateways using SSL encryption. Since customer details will not be stored through the buying process, you may safely use various types of credit and debit cards in different countries worldwide.
• Customers will always be redirected back to our homepage website after completing the purchase and receive a confirmation email from us with a helpful link to the product being purchased. Whenever this does not occur, you are advised to contact us immediately with all transaction details with the email account used during payment. We will respond with your product details and a download link as quickly as possible.
• By buying our products, you warrant that you are at least 18 years old or have received parents’ permission to purchase from us. You will also be certifying that you accept the aforementioned terms and conditions for the sale of any products. No other changes to these terms will be made binding unless published in writing and signed by our staff.


Due to the fact that all of my products are digital or online, every purchase will be final and non-refundable. Products will be deemed as “used” after being downloaded or opened by the customer. We have established a strict no refund policy and cannot accept any customer requests for refunds at this time. We apologise for any dissatisfaction, but cannot refund your payment as the products are intangible.

In the event of a purchase error in which products are not properly delivered or cannot be downloaded, please contact us via email immediately to discuss a quick resolution. We will work diligently to remedy any purchase problems you may have in a timely manner.


By purchasing Online Coaching, you agree to an initial and recurring monthly subscription fee at the then current monthly subscription rate. You accept responsibility for all recurring charges until you cancel your subscription. You may cancel your monthly subscription but with at least one months notice, however, no refunds are applicable once an online plan has been provided. All of our contract are a 3 month minimum term & you agree to this when signing up. 

Dietary Requirements

Please be advised that all dietary plans and guidelines presented within our products are not formulated to suit individuals with any deficiencies, food allergies, or any other food-related medical conditions. We do not recommend our guidelines for people following a plant-based, vegetarian, or vegan lifestyle. If you remain unsure of whether our products will be suitable to meeting your specific dietary needs, please contact us via email. Making an appointment to consult with your physician on any dietary or exercise changes is also strongly encouraged.