Personalised Training Programme

Your training program is fully customised to your goals and lifestyle. Beginner, Intermediate & advanced options are available as well as home or gym or a mixture of both. If you ever need changes to your program you can message me directly and ill go about changing whats required

Personalised Diet PlanĀ 

If its a meal plan, food list or calculating your calories we work with you to find the best solution. Receive your macros and calorie requirements and use the in-site meal planner and the food logger to keep your diet under control.

Teaching Library & Live Workouts

Access to fitness videos going over training technique, different exercises and nutrition. Also access live Yoga & Pilates sessions by world class coaches.

Track Your Progress

Use the in app coaching area to keep track of your results, upload progress photos, track your body measurements and even track your workouts. You can also book in zoom sessions to keep in contact with myself anytime.


After you join Mjfitness, you will immediately receive a questionnaire. In that, you will be asked about your goals, body type, habits, etc. It also allows you to put any additional information that you want me to know. This will ensure that the training program I create is the best possible program for you. After your questionnaire is submitted, it will take me 48 hours to do (not including weekends)

In your package, you will receive a fully downloadable app starting. With weekly check ins, we review your progress and gauge what your strong points and weak points are. Giving us the opportunity to make adjustments to your program as necessary.

You will also have 24/7 support, in which I will always respond within 24 hours.
I make it a priority to communicate frequently and efficiently with my clients to guarantee maximum results.


£92.00 / month