Gold Membership

MJfitness Planner:

Your fully flexible workout calendar is pre-populated based on your goals and preferences. Take control with the ability to move workouts to different days or swap out a gym workout with a home workout or vice versa.

Gym Workouts:

The membership is aimed for everyone of all levels, with workout programmes tailored to your preferences and goals. The 10 gym guides cover goals of losing fat, toning up and gaining lean muscle through providing comprehensive gym workouts with video guidance.

Home Workouts:

My home workouts are perfect for those who can’t get to the gym, or prefer to stick to the mat area! We have formulated 20+ home guides ranging from fat loss, yoga, pilates, HIIT, Glutes & Abs

Diet Plan:

The app provides you with 100+ Recipes, food lists, meal planners and so a full 6 part nutrition series explain everything you need to know about dieting will even provide you with your shopping list based on your meals for the week.


We know getting fit can be a challenge – but you’re not alone. Our Facebook group lets members and myself communicate throughout. Theres also Q&A Lives every week.





£19.99 / month